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The Turnkey, Inbound Marketing Solution for Financial Advisors.

Lead Pilot is the all-in-one communication solution for content creation and distribution, and lead engagement tool. This highly intuitive platform helps advisors drive, engage, and capture and convert more leads through hyper-personalized digital marketing. Lead Pilot enables both individual wealth management firms and enterprise groups to easily automate and deliver digital communications (email marketing, social media, landing pages and customizable content) to both engage current clients and capture and nurture prospects. Fueled in part by AI, Lead Pilot gives advisors the ability to brand themselves individually, distribute communications at scale, and then view robust analytics in real-time to better generate and qualify leads.

Chalice Advantage

Chalice members receive 20% off the monthly or annual price of Lead Pilot


  • All of our existing content is completely editable by you at any time. Any content in the library can be used as is, OR edited/customized by the advisor completely (this is HIGHLY unique - no one else does this). You can use these “edited” pieces for distribution directly from Lead Pilot, or you can repurpose them in other places.
  • Custom drip campaign builder. You can create your own custom drip campaigns, or use our pre-made campaigns.
  • Unique seats & teams structure for organizations of any size. Firms can group multiple advisors or firms, making it easy to deploy cohesive, consistent on-brand messaging, while still allowing advisors to connect their social profiles and deploy content that speaks to their unique audiences.
  • Unique lead qualifying tools. Lead Pilot provides a unique “Lead Scoring” system that not only collects leads but assigns a lead score to each lead, allowing you to assess at a glance, which leads are the highest quality. The higher the score, the more engaged a lead is. These scores update in real-time and you are notified when a lead is most engaged.
  • Robust profile insights. Unlock contact data on each and every contact in your database, even if you just have their email address. Lead scoring shows you when to contact a lead, and profile insights provide information on a lead’s place of employment, city of residence, social media profiles, and any other information we can find online giving you the information you need to drive conversation and connect.