Succession Link Advisor Marketplace

Succession Link Advisor Marketplace

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Industry's leading marketplace for connecting financial professionals with their ideal opportunity to buy, sell or merge businesses.

Ready to sell your business or maybe looking to buy a new one? Succession Link is the platform you need to find your most compatible match without all the fees of a middleman. Your complimentary access also allows you to search for related buyers/sellers by opportunity type, AUM size, amount of revenue generated and much more.

Coming soon you will be able to use the business valuation calculator to find out how much your business is worth today so you can proceed with confidence.

Chalice Advantage

Chalice aims to support and aid the entire life cycle of your business. This means giving you a marketplace to acquire or when the time is right monetize your life's work.

  • Complimentary Plus Subscription to Succession Link ($2000 value)
  • Integrates with Chalice Advisor Exchange Snapshot


  • No transaction fees
  • Premier access to the largest financial digital marketplace to buy, sell or merge
  • Configurable real time alerts of new listings in the marketplace
  • Easily filter for compatible matches
  • Find or advertise your office space
  • Find or create job listings
  • Full access to Deal Terms Calculator
  • Pre-qualified badge