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Adding a layer of intelligent price trend analysis to fundamental research of equities is a rock-solid choice, as it validates ideas and provides an extra level of quality and risk control that has a direct impact on investment performance.

Trendrating is the leader in “Trend Capture” models, analytics and cloud-based technology, serving over 100 institutions worldwide and premier partners including Bloomberg. A powerful complement to fundamental research.

Providing advanced analytics designed to capture trends, measuring the strength and quality over a quarterly to yearly horizon. Trendrating's model output is actionable: A and B indicate a bull trend and C and D mark bear phases. Delivering a unique edge where A and B rated stocks on average outperform those rated C and D. All results in Trendrating are measured and tracked on a daily basis for full transparency and oversight.

Trendrating covers more than 20,000 instruments including stocks, ETFs, countries, sectors, industries and indices on a global scale. The rating model was tested for nearly five years on decades of data before going live in 2014.

This technology is a web-based solution that can be used as an overlay to your existing portfolio management workflow, or to build, test and implement fully automated Systematic Portfolios on any desired investment universe.

Chalice Advantage

  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • 15% Discount off List Price of Standard & Premium Versions



  • Screen from over 20,000 listed securities to validate investment ideas and challenge analyst opinions
  • Rank your investment universe with an extra layer of intelligence
  • Focus on stocks that check all the boxes


  • Control risks across all your holdings using our Ratings and Analytics
  • Improve sell discipline and allocation with alerts on critical trend reversals
  • Prepare rich and compelling reports for client and investment committee meetings


  • Perform macro analysis across over 50 equities markets globally with our visual heat map
  • Analyze, compare and rate countries, sectors and industries to visualize the “Performance Dispersion” to help with Tactical Allocation for stock and ETF holdings


  • Eliminate hassle of manual discretionary stock/ETF selection to create unbiased Model Portfolios that cost much less than what you’re currently paying
  • Load up a “White List” or use the Trendrating Screener to set your universe
  • Codeless interface has over 50 variables to choose from or you can modify an existing Trendrating template
  • Back test up to 15 years and export results to Excel or PDF
  • Launch live investment products based on market cap, themes (ESG, Post-Covid) or global regions and create custom Fact Sheets
  • Buy/Sell lists are generated automatically on the rebalance date and performance is tracked in the system